Acceptance Slot Time Request - Overview

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To request a pre-arranged Export Delivery Slot Time with BFS Cargo 24/7 please key in your details below in the boxes provided and click SUBMIT.

We recommend using export slot time during 06.00-12.00 for more convenient than peak period at 12.00-24.00

A reply message will be sent back acknowledging receipt of your request and also advising you that the Slot Time and Delivery Door has been allocated to you. PLEASE BE PUNCTUAL as BFS Cargo will only keep this Door available to you within 30 minutes of your allocated time. If you have not arrived by then you will have to enter the Queue System as normal If you have any questions please contact the Export Acceptance Team at +66 (0) 2131 5555 Ext. 5629, 5631 or Cargo Customer Care at +66 (0) 2131 5523, +66 (0) 2131 5555 Ext. 5611 thru 5614