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BFS Donated Computers, Laptops, Printers and IT Hardware and Accessories to the Mirror Foundation

On Thursday 6 October 2016, BFS donated computers, laptops, printers and computer hardware and accessories to the Mirror Foundation for Computer for Children project. The Foundation helps support schools in rural areas, that lack computers and IT hardware with the aim to support underprivileged students in a better education.

BFS led by Mr. Crispin Morris, System and Information Technology Director made a donation of total 100 computer hardware and accessories to the Mirror Foundation.

This donation was part of the company’s policy to exercise good social responsibility and the effort in supporting the development of a learning society.

The Mirror Foundation was founded in 1991 and have continuously expanded to become one of the most prominent Thai Non-Governmental Organization.ย  To accomplish their primal goal of social development, they promote Human Rights, Education, the use of New Media and Information Technologies, Volunteer training and resources sharing. They strongly believe that it is essential to act as a mirror reflecting society as a whole. To improve social welfare, they thus need to catch both urban and rural reality, to use both new means of communication as social media and traditional ones

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