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Cargo Easy Pay

Bangkok Flight Services (BFS) and Kasikornbank (KBank) have created a new payment method for BFS Cargo expenses called BFS Cargo Easy Pay which allows payment to be easily done by company payment card. This effective method will be able to decrease any hassle of carrying cash and avoiding the troublesome cheque issuing process.

BFS Payment Card Features

Automatically deduct money from payer account and deposit into BFS account (real time.)
Using 4 – digit PIN number to verify authorized card user.
Payment card can be issued from both Kasikornbank saving and current account while current account can also be linked with or without OD.
Many cards can be issued from company own bank account.
Card speding limits including daily card usage limit, transaction limit and daily spending limit can be set specifically to each card.
KBank will send SMS notification for every successful payment transaction to company and for every failed transaction if required.
In addition to monthly transaction statement via postal mail, daily transaction summary report will be individually provided to company via email.

Benefits of BFS Cargo Easy Pay

Safety & Convenience
No need to carry cash to make payment at BFS Cargo, no worry from robbery or money lost.

Personal Identification Number (PIN) is required to verify any authorized card users when making a transaction. Moreover, this payment card is limited for use only at specified location (BFS Cargo.)

Time Saving
No more cheque issuing or money transfer process.

Cost Management Efficiency
Daily spending limit, transaction limit and daily card usage limit can be easily self – controlled on individual card.

Real Time Notification
SMS notification on all transaction made and for fail transaction, if required.

Reconcilable & Controllable
Daily transaction report and monthly statement help to manage cash flow and identify unauthorized transaction.

Payment Procedures

1. Authorized cardholder can check account available balance at the assigned station before making a payment.
2. Inform BFS cashier to make a payment using BFS Cargo Easy Pay Card.
3. After cardholder is informed of the amount to be paid, he/she simply inputs PIN to verify cardholder and to authorized the agreed payment amount.
4. Cashier returns payment slip with payment details to cardholder as a proof of payment.

If you have any question about BFS Cargo Easy Pay Card please contact

K Contact Center, Kasikornbank Tel: +66 (0) 2888 8888 press 0 and press 2

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