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Cargo Equipment & Technology

The BFS 55,000 sqm Cargo Terminal is designed to work efficiently & seamlessly under the Customs Free Zone concept. Equipped with the latest technology which includes a 16,000 sqm. cold room storage facility, segregated DGR storage facility, dedicated Strong Room with fingerprint scan vault access to accommodate all of our customer’s special handling requirements.

An Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) provides storage for non-unitized cargo and is linked to a computerized Cargo Management System that can retrieve 50 containers per hour and allows for barcode and RFIDS operations.

Our 456 ULD position automated ETV system includes a segregated cold storage area for Export cargo ULD storage if required.

The BFS Cargo Terminal is capable of handling seven wide-body aircraft simultaneously and is rated to handle 450,000 cargo tons per annum with an option to expand an additional 30,000 sqm. of warehouse space doubling our annual cargo handling capacity to over 800,000 tons.

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