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Cargo Special Handling

BFS Cargo service levels are customer driven with an emphasis on accepting and handling your cargo product with zero defects during the entire logistic process.

Special Handling Cargo (SHC) such as perishable products (PER), pharma products, live animals (AVI), high value products (VAL) Dangerous Goods (DGR), vulnerable products (VUN) are handled according to our customer specific requirements and monitored continuously to ensure a consistent service level. Special segregated operational teams are trained and assigned to handle cargo on a daily basis.

BFS Cargo Terminal at the beginning of Year 2008 received Class 1 TAPA (Technology Asset Protection Association) certification. TAPA is a highly sought-after industry security accreditation, which is awarded to facilities that meet the highest security standards for the handling of high-value Technology goods in supply chains upon the successful completion of a rigorous and detailed audit conducted by independent TAPA-trained and accredited auditors.

We’re Cool

The BFS Cargo Terminal Perishable Handling Center is well equipped to handle all your temperature control cargo products.

Our Perishable Handling Center is 16,000 sqm which consists of one large separate temperature controlled acceptance area with 4 dedicated Truck docks and 6 separate cold rooms with their own separate temperature control units. Temperature settings can be set as low as 22c to accommodate your frozen cargo products.

There is also our value added “Special Perishable” handling service whereby BFS Cargo can pre-cool your highly temperature sensitive cargo product, install special ULD thermal liners and a special dolly unit will maintain a controlled atmosphere from the BFS Cargo Terminal to the aircraft bay.

We’ re Secure

To accommodate our customer valuable cargo requirements, we have a 120 sqm high value storage facility with a 44 sqm enclosed steel vault/strong room with a twin access system and Biometric access control. Compliment this with 24/7 security guards and a CCTV system within the high value storage to ensure strict control over the Import and Export logistic high value cargo process.

In addition, we also have secured “Valuable cages” within our ETV system for those valuable cargo products built into ULDs.

We’re Safe

Our 120 sqm segregated Dangerous Goods storage facility is designed to safety store all IATA categories of Dangerous Goods (DGR). BFS staff are trained and certified to handle and manage all IATA Classification 1-9 DGR cargo. Proper DGR segregation according to the IATA DGR Segregation regulation is strictly adhered to.

We’re Alive

The BFS Cargo Terminal is “animal friendly” with easy access into/out of facility to ensure quick processing of your animal (AVI) cargo with least amount of noise & trauma. The 850 sqm Live Animal Storage facility has two separate well ventilated air conditioned rooms to protect animals in a quiet and protected environment while waiting for delivery/pick-up.

The family is equipped with SIBA DEIGY technology with specialized flooring materials to absorb any odors and protect animal footing. Animal processed in the past have included horses, giraffes, seals, elephants, bears and the normal array of domestic pets.

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