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Ground Handling Services

Through excellent teamwork, and support from our highly developed IT systems and Hand Held Terminals we provide safe, reliable, efficient and cost-effective services on the ramp. Our highly trained staff have strong experience with a wide range of aircraft to ensure total customer satisfaction in all areas of our operations.

From the moment an aircraft is marshalled to the gate until its push-back at departure, our teams are well equipped to handle both the usual and the extraordinary challenges that come with every flight operation. We provide multiple full sets of wide-body and narrow-body brand new equipment comprising over 1100 pieces of GSE equipment from proven and respected manufacturers to service a wide variety of aircraft including the A380.

On the ramp we provide:

  • Loading and off-loading baggage
  • Interline baggage
  • Cleaning of aircraft cabins and cockpit
  • Cabin Service
  • Marshalling
  • Flight Operations
  • Dispatch
  • Weight & Balance and Load Control
  • Towing
  • Push back
  • Water & Lavatory service
  • Ground power
  • Air start
  • Air-conditioning
  • ULD Control
  • Crew transport
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