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Passenger Handling Services

Bangkok Flight Services is committed to deliver quality passenger services to meet and exceed the “Standard Level Agreements” set with each customer airline and includes satisfaction targets in the following areas; People friendliness, Queue time, Transaction time, Document control, Ancillary sales, orderly, efficient and prioritized boarding, Passenger door closed H-5.

BFS provides a team that is semi-dedicated to the airline thus enabling the team to gain an excellent knowledge in the airline products, services and procedures. BFS can carry out all functions including, pre-flight, post-flight, and back office and ticketing duties as required.

– Check-in and Service desk
– Boarding and Arrivals
– Baggage Lost and Found
– VIP Meet and Greet Services
– Porters and Wheelchairs

BFS is entrusted to provide full supervision services on behalf of the Customer Airline. The airline that chose this option make a considerable saving with a reduction of their own people cost at Bangkok.

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