Available Positions

Recruitment & HRIS Manager

Provide supervision to a team of Recruitment and HRIS by planning, coordinating and performing recruitment & selection strategy as well as induction process for new hired employees to support business requirement and manpower budget.Also take care for internship program to promote connection between universities and company as well as prepare sources for future employment.Responsible for human resources management information system by reviewing and examining HR software and its utilization to the most effective of the program as well as develop employee database, program structure, coding, and frequently used HR report and related program.

• Take care for manpower planning by coordinating with hiring manager to support business requirement with cost effective.
• Determine recruitment sources to ensure quantity and quality at the optimum level to fulfill the vacancy positions per manpower plan.
• Manage candidate database, distribution as well as tracking system to support business urgency and work efficiency.
• Follow up recruitment status of the team against manpower planning to check progress and find contingency solution when the target is not been achieved.
• Conduct interview for managerial positions and major impact position and multi skill positions.
• Determine assessment tools to support hiring decision making as well as develop technical examination, test to support recruitment process.
• Liaise with concerned hiring manager timely to follow up and get feedback on recruitment status and staffing management.
• Prepare employment contract for successful candidate under available budget and completed of recruitment process.  Make job offer to the right candidate when obtained employment contract.
• Develop recruitment process and related work flow to the most efficiency of process and to be in line with company philosophy.
• Develop, and review employee database to support management information system
• Organize and analyze management report to reflect employee cost and for HR management purpose.

• Male or Female, Age 30 years old up. (For male must pass military service)
• Bachelor’s degree.  Master’s degree is a plus in Human Resources management, psychology, or equivalent
• Experience 5-7 years of experience in HR Management and recruitment. And experience in database management admin or developing HR software is a plus.
• Good computer Proficiency in MS office & MS Outlook and internet.
• Good command in English for both writing and speaking

HR Relations Officer (Employee Relations)
เจ้าหน้าที่ฝ่ายบุคคล (ส่วนแรงงานสัมพันธ์)

• Provide HR service and advise for related HR document & process such as employee personal data, leave application, OT, shift change, resignation, disciplinary investigation, time record, uniform, social security, benefit applications, HR service document center.
• Contact with supervisors or employee on related work rule to ensure compliance and clear communication.
• Record ER operation, issues, and irregularities on duty/ shift basis.
• Participate in site visit and record.
• Assist ER Manager for a disciplinary investigation and action as assigned.
• Coordinate with involved department such as Safety, Security, Administration, Information Technology, and HR core team for employee welfare and assistance.

• Male or Female
• Age 23-27 years up.
• Bachelor degree in Business Admin, Political Science, Hotel & Travel Management or equivalent or Diploma with 3 years of working experience.
• Experience in HR Administration is required. Bachelor’s Degree fresh graduate is acceptable but need to be trained on legal knowledge, airline business, and on the job training of conduct disciplinary investigation.
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office.
• Good command of English communication skills.

Legal Manager

Legal Manager will keep companies business running and away from any obstacles/problems regarding legal and compliances matters

• Draft and review agreements, contract and other documents
• Review, interpret and counsel on federal, provincial and local laws including regulations
• Handle legal claims against and coordinate to resolve controversies
• Liaise with government or non-government authorities as requested by other departments
• Review in-out communications related to concerned authorities i.e. AOT, Customs, Immigration
• Support the Company Secretary
• Coordinating with shareholders respective Legal Departments and general Counsel

• Male or Female. 30 years old up.
• Master Degree in Law.
• Experience more than 10 years in legal field.
• Good computer skills.
• Good spoken command of English – Written, Reading essential.

Marketing Supervisor

Marketing Supervisor is responsible to carry out work as according to the instruction and guidance of General Manager Sales and Ground Services and company policy.He or she is responsible for maintaining good image, branding, communications, promotion and public relations matters including company’s material presentation,Communication among insiders and outsiders such as company’s press release, internal and external newsletter, Internet and intranet. Organizing events to promote awareness and good image of the company is part of the responsibility.Marketing Supervisor also supervises all tasks which are the responsibility of the Marketing Officer or work delegated to the Marketing Officer.

• Organize company’s events which include planning of schedule and timeline, budget, invitations, sourcing, contact and coordinate with suppliers and venders, coordinate the actual event and perform follow up work including expense report, etc.
• Write company’s monthly internal newsletter, and occasional external newsletter to promote better understanding and communication among various members concerned.
• Write company’s press release and coordinate with Media community.
• Design, create and maintain updated company’s information source including brochures, presentation, video, website (internet and intranet,) workshop, etc.
• Facilitate customers and potential customers in the effort to promote better sales.  Work related to this category includes arranging airport tours, applying for airport passes, performing various regular and ad-hoc tasks related task as requested by customers or potential customers.
• Process and submitting reports to other organizations such as AOT, ACBA and WFS as requested.
• Sourcing and controlling stock of company give-away and premium.
• Maintain and update customers contact information.
• Performing the work as assigned by the General Manager Sales and Ground Services.

• Male or Female, 25 years old up.
• Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Marketing or related field.
• Experience 2-3 years in Marketing or Organization Communication.
• Good computer skills in Microsoft Office, Internet, Graphic Skills.
• Good command in English (Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading)

Professional Nurse 

Medical services and health care to BFS employees.
Medical Personnel / Professional Nurse thoroughly understand his or her responsibilities
Implement to protect and promote health personal and image of company business and ensure that business operating practices are in compliance with safety regulations and to meet standards of Airport of Thailand (AOT)

• The professional nurse shall provide medicine, medical facilities, furniture, medical equipment etc, in the first aid room.
• Provide treatment for normal sickness to all BFS staffs or any persons who may concerned with our company in case of emergency.
• Provide first aid facilities for illness / accident or injury for BFS staffs, if the illness / injury condition is serious the patient should be sent to a referred hospital for further treatment.
• Preparation for all inventible concerning medical substance, maintain adequate stocks of medicine and first aid materials.
• Maintain a history of BFS patient sickness, accident and absenteeism.
• Provide basic first aid training including cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in order to comply with BFS safety Plan and labor law.
• Coordinate and assist Safety Officer/ Supervisor Personnel at BFS in conducting employee Safety and Health training programs.
• Assist and full support to Safety Officer/ Supervisor investigate all accidents in case of injury and medical aid.
• Corporate with Safety personnel to maintain the workplace sanitation in order to prevent occupational health afflicted.
• Provide health education and consultant to BFS staffs and weakly health education board.
• Collect and analyze monthly accident and treatment statistic for Occupational Health and Safety presentation in Management Meeting.
• Provide occupational health promotion, protection and treatment to BFS employees.
• Monitor and manage health risk in workplace.
• Report to Safety Manager / Safety & Security Director

• Male or Female, Age 23  years old up.
• Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Nursing.
• Experience More than 2 years experience in nursing.
• Good computer in MS Office (Word/Excel/ Power point)
• Good command in English speaking and writing will be advantaged.



Programming & System Analysis

Responsible for related to systems related issues, especially Cargospot and Navision Application. Handle project works.

• Liaise with system vendors for system errors and enhancements
• Handle project related works during system changes
• Co-ordinate with internal departments to achieve their needs in operating effectively
• Data Analysis with large sets of data and summarize for management reading
• Create outstanding reports on system issues, incidents or enhancements
• Take meeting minutes and follow-up
• Find ways to improve operational efficiency and contact vendors to reach the objective
• Look for new areas for revenue generation

• Male or Female. 25 years old up.
• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Related.
• Experience 3 years or above
• Computer Expert user level using all of MS Office applications and any scripting language for efficient text processing of large text files
• Fluent of English and Thai language.


• Conduct courses relevant to BFS operation (initial and recurrent class) as in-house training.
• Conduct additional courses in conjunction to general knowledge for Ramp, Caro and Passenger service base on availability of workload and time slot.
• Obtain data on the effectiveness of training programs and report progress to appropriate parties
• Maintain up-to-date subject matter expertise on regulatory and compliance topics relevant to passenger services handling
• Perform training needs assessment on current issues impacting to the company and develop training solutions
• Design, develop and administer new courses and the appropriate assessment tools as required by the industry

• Bachelor’s degree or higher
• 3-5 years of experience in aviation industry preferred
• Good presentation and communication skills
• Good English communication skills

Purchasing Officer

• Review purchasing requisition
• Contact local or oversea suppliers for product detail, price, term of payment and negotiation
• Issue PO for supervisor review and manager’s approval
• Follow up delivery
• Coordinate on shipping process and ensure it is as PO issued
• Review T/R application for cargo release
• Coordinate with warehouse for goods receiving
• Supplier audit & evaluation

• Male or Female, 25 years old & up.
• Bachelor degree in any field.
• 0-3 years of working experience in purchasing.
• Proficiency in MS Office.
• Good command of English communication skills.
(Speaking, Listening, Writing)

Legal Counsel or Officer

To handle legal and compliance, contract drafting/reviewing, handle all claims, special assignment

• Draft and review agreements, contract and other documents
• Review, interpret and counsel on federal, provincial and local laws including regulations
• Handle legal claims against and coordinate to resolve controversies
• Liaise with other government or non-government authorities

• Male or Female.
• Age 22-30 years old.
• Degree in Law.
• Experience in legal field. (Consider candidate’s experience to fit in officer level or above)
• Good computer skills required.
• Good Thai/English language.

Treasury Officer

Treasury Officer is responsible for preparing deposit/Transfer/withdraw for all banking activities and handle pretty cash for the company.

• Daily cash and cheque deposit.
• Handle and control petty cash
• Prepare application for outward remittance.
• Reconcile Withholding Taxes.
• Record RV for Airlines and Agents.
• Update daily FX to systems (Navision and Cargo Spot)
• Ensure Trash Collection are collected monthly basis

• Female
• Age 25-30 years old.
• Bachelor Degree in Accounting or Finance Fields.
• Experienced in Accounting 3 years above.
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Internet.
• Fair command of written and spoken English.

Management trainee

To attend and successfully complete the management trainee program with the aim to be assigned a Duty Manager level position in BFS. The candidates will be familiarized and/or work in each section with the outcome being a global understanding of the company’s objectives, targets (SLA,KPI,s), IT systems, processes, core values , safety standards, management and leadership skills, planning and project management.

• Male or Female.
• Bachelor Degree preferred Any field, Hospitality and or General Management preferred.
• Experienced 2 years or above BFS in any section or similar for outside candidates.
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office and E-mail / General End user program.
• Good Command of Thai / English Language.

Security Officer

• Overseeing daily operations of security services provider
• Proceed and carry out the duties regarding to the security outsource regulations
• Ensuring flight inspection reports are prepared and submitted on-time
• Cooperation with local authorities (Police and AOT) regarding ramp incidents and events
• Supporting investigations and audits
• Carry out firearm transportations with AOT and airline security
• Maintaining security database and related documents, such as reports, presentations, statistics etc.

• Male , 22 years old & up.
• Bachelor or Undergraduate in related field.
• Experienced at least 0 – 5 years in security or aviation industry.
• Good computer skills in Microsoft Office and Security systems.
• Good command in English (Listening, Speaking, Writing and Reading)

All opening positions are available for THAI citizen only.

To those selected candidates we offer permanent job with attractive benefits and salaries that commensurate with work experience and salaries.

Interested applicants are invited to apply in person or send applications with full resume, transcript, TOEIC score (if any) and recent photo to:

Bangkok Flight Services
Human Resources Department (Recruitment) 777 Moo 1, Nong Prue, Bang Phli, Samut Prakan 10540, Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 2131 5038 thru 5040
Fax: +66 (0) 2131 5077, +66 (0) 2131 5099