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Available Positions

HR Relations Officer (Recruitment)
Responsible for performing and coordinating of recruitment & selection process focused non-managerial position of the assigned area to support business requirement and manpower budget.

1.Coordinate with hiring manager regarding manpower budget and timeline to support business requirement with cost effective.
2.Source candidate pool which match to job responsibilities and necessary competencies to ensure quantity and quality at the optimum level.  Pre-screen candidate profile to have enough required information.
3.Maintain candidate database, distribution as well as tracking system by recording along recruitment & selection process to have sufficient information to support recruitment management.
4.Conduct first screen interview based on selection matrix and job requirement.  Second interview by line manager or representation is required for high skilled position.
5.Coordinate with concerned hiring manager timely to follow up and report recruitment status.
6.Prepare employment contract for successful candidate under available budget and completed of recruitment process.  Make job offer to the right candidate when obtained approved employment contract.
7.Register new employees into HR system and collect basic data of new employees of into employee file.

• Male or Female
• Bachelor degree in Human Resources management, psychology, or equivalent
• Experience 1-2 year of experience in Human Resources or related. Fresh graduate is acceptable but need to be trained on interview techniques and necessary skill before conducting interview session.
• Proficiency in MS office & MS Outlook and Adobe Illustrator or Adobe photoshop, Internet
• Good command in English is preferably.

HR Relation Officer (Compensation & Benefits)
Responsible for retention of employee data of both into HR software and in employee file for non-managerial position of the assigned area.  Perform compensation and benefit basic data and payroll such as calculate OT and payment as assigned, update employee to social security fund, provident fund, and take care for leave record

• Check incoming document such as time record, OT request, personnel action report, shift changed, and related payroll document to ensure data readiness with proper approval per established company rules and regulations.
• Calculate related payroll payment such as OT, allowance, leave without pay per established work process
• Organize and key in employee status changed, transfer and verify time attendant record, leave record, upload employee work roster of the assigned area into HR system
• Maintain employee file updated and check readiness timely for the most readiness of employee file.
• Coordinate and follow up document from concerned department and representative.
• Provide consulting support and advise to non-managerial employee for payment calculation and queries to ensure clear communication and understanding.
• Register and keep employee status updated on social security, provident fund, and etc.

• Male or Female, 23-27 years old & up
• Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in Business Admin, Accounting, or equivalent with 3 years of working experience.
• Some experience in payroll management, compensation & benefit is preferably, Bachelor’s Degree fresh graduate is acceptable but calculation skill is required.
• Proficiency in MS office especial in MS Excel
• Communicable in English language is preferably

Professional Nurse

• The professional nurse shall manage medicine and medical facilities for example furniture, medical equipment etc. in the first aid room.
• Provide treatment for normal sickness to all BFS staff or any persons who may require it within our company in case of emergency.
• Provide first aid facilities for illness / accident or injury for BFS staff., If the illness / injury condition is serious the patient should be sent to a referred hospital for further treatment.
• Preparation for all inventory concerning medical substances, maintaining adequate stock level of medicines and first aid materials.
• Maintain a history of BFS patient sickness, accident and absenteeism.
• Provide basic first aid training including cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in order to comply with BFS safety Plan and labor law.
• Coordinate and assist Safety Officers/ Supervisors at BFS in conducting employee Safety and Health training programs.
• Assist and fully support Safety Officers/ Supervisors in investigating all accidents in case of injury and medical aid.
• Cooperate with Safety personnel to maintain the workplace hygienic conditions in order to prevent occupational health events.
• Provide health education and act as a consultant to BFS staff and maintain a health education bulletin board.
• Collect and analyze monthly accident and treatment statistics for Occupational Health and Safety presentation in Management Meeting.
• Provide occupational health promotion, protection and treatment to BFS employees.
• Monitor and manage health risks in workplace.
• Provide guidance in selecting the provider for the BFS annual health checkup required by law.

• Male or Female, Age 24 years old or above.
• Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Nursing and Occupational Nursing, Nursing with holding license of Nursing Council
• Experience More than 2 years in nursing.
• Training requirement in Occupational Health Nurse First aid and Basic life support / Advanced Traumatic /
cardiac life support / Emergency response management / Trauma management
• Good computer skills in Microsoft Office
• Good level of conversation and written English required

Facility Technician

บีเอฟเอส และช่างเทคนิคจะต้องทำการวิเคราะห์ ควบคุม ทบทวนและตรวจสอบข้อมูลที่บันทึกของอาคารในแต่ละระบบ

• เพศชาย/หญิง อายุ 21 ปีขึ้นไป
• วุฒิ ปวช.-ปวส. สาขา ไฟฟ้ากำลัง/เครื่องกล หรือ สาขาที่เกี่ยวข้อง (ยกเว้นช่างยนต์)
• มีประสบการณ์ในด้านซ่อมบำรุงอาคารหรือ โรงงานอุตสาหกรรมจะพิจารณาเป็นพิเศษ
• มีทักษะการเขียนและพูดภาษาอังกฤษ ระดับพอใช้
• มีทักษะการนำเสนอ เรียนรู้เร็ว และทำงานเป็นทีม
• มีทักษะการใช้คอมพิวเตอร์ AutoCad,Microsoft office,E-Mail & Internet.

Facility Engineer

•Prepare and plan facility maintenance manual, program and procedures (i.e. Process of preventive maintenance, Corrective maintenance, Warranty claim vendor, Safety control, Inventory, and training) and review all necessary details of preventive and corrective maintenance.
• Plan and implement the spare part stock control (Inventory control) for each vehicles and M&E system as per preventive and corrective maintenance procedures.
• Plan to issue report of preventive & corrective maintenance result and weekly & monthly progress report and submits to facility supervisor. The report is including the history of each required job and energy savings as applicable.
• Monitor, review and follow up the preventive and corrective maintenance for all GSE Building M&E Systems as indicated in work orders that are perform by the outsourcers or contractors.
• Operate M&E preventive & corrective maintenance for all equipment which are located in GSE Building, GSE Remote, Concourse A, Concourse E, Terminal L&L, TBT office,  Sorting Office, and Airside ULD racking.
•The preventive maintenance is required to carry out all tasks in adjusting the operation equipments to optimize energy usage.
• Make a work request and project request for all requirement related to facility service, that other BFS departments required.
• Plan, control and inspect BFS’ s outsource preventive & corrective company who are performing GSE preventive and corrective maintenance as per BFS outsource contract.
• Prepare potable water LAB test and calibration of each necessary tool which are related to customer airlines, independent checker and AOT requirement cycle and monitor the environmental related outsourced work at GSE building and airside BFS facilities.
• Participate in the weekly meeting of preventive & corrective maintenance and preparation and all other required standards of Facility Service.

What do I need to qualify for this job
• Male or Female.
• High Vocational Certificate or Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering or related field.
• Experience at least 1-2 years in related field.
• Good computer skills in Microsoft Office and MS Project, E-mail & Internet, Computer & PDA skills, AutoCAD.
• Good spoken command of English – Written, Reading essential.

Facility Structure Engineer
To perform Operational and Preventive & Corrective Maintenance for all BFS GSE Airside and Landside Buildings.
To analyze, control, review and inspect all of data records of each building.

• Operate Structure and Civil Preventive & Corrective Maintenance for all Building and Building located in GSE Building, GSE Remote, Concourse A, Terminal L&L, TBT terminal, Concourse E, Sorting Offices, and Airside ULD Racking.
• Plan and control Spare Part Stock (Inventory control) of Building Structure as part of PLUTO System.
• Plan and provide progress report of Preventive & Corrective Maintenance on weekly & monthly to Building Maintenance Supervisor. The aforementioned report have to reflect the history of each Building.
• The preventive maintenance is required to carry out all necessary tasks to adjust the operation equipment that will result in optimizing energy usage.
• Perform preventive and Corrective Maintenance for all GSE Building Structure and Civil as per Work Orders.
• Issue a work request and project request for all requirement related to Facility Service, that other BFS departments required.
• Plan, control and Inspect BFS’s Outsource Preventive & Corrective Company who are performing GSE Preventive and Corrective Maintenance as per BFS outsource contract.
• Participate in the weekly meeting of Preventive & Corrective Maintenance and Preparation for the ISO and OHSAS settlement in Facility Services.
• Improvement and Corrective Drawing all of Building by Auto CAD file or BFS provide other Program.

• Male or Female. 26 years old up.
• High Vocational certificate or Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineer / Architecture / Electrical / Mechanical / Industrial or Related field.
• Experience at Least 6 years in related field.
• Good computer skills in AutoCAD and Microsoft Office
• Good working command of English Written and Spoken language.

Quality Assurance Representative

• To monitor and ensure assigned area work procedures align with Company quality system, ISO9000 standard, customer requirements, and applicable law & regulations.
• To promote quality achievement and performance improvement in the assign areas of responsibility.
• To participate both subcontractor/outsource and own company’s and customers’ requirements.
• To define procedures and work instructions in conjunction with department supervisors and managers.
• To participate in Management System Certification, Training and Internal Audit Programs.
• To report all noncompliance issues to superior.
• To maintain and enhance controls and documentation
• To support customers’ auditors and to take responsibility for ensuring the execution of corrective actions and ongoing compliance with customers’ service level agreements.
• To provide administrative work for the department.

• Male or Female
• Age 22 years old and over.
• Bachelor Degree in any field.
• Minimum 3-6 months experience in quality and system compliance audit in airport ground services, airline passenger services,air cargo, logistics or Quality Control in related field is highly preferred.
• Previous training aviation industry is an advantage.
• Good computer skills in Microsoft Words, Excel and PowerPoint Presentation.
• Ability to communicate verbally and written form in Thai. Fairly good in English Language at operational level.

Quality Assurance Supervisor
To supervise the implementation of Management Systems for the organization, to ensure Company’s management systems comply with customer requirements, local authority related rules and regulations, industrial standards, International Organization of Standardisation (ISO) and company policies and procedures. To promote management system compliance, continuous improvement program, and best practices throughout the organisation. To handle day-to-day supervisory and team management functions for the department.

• Promote the implementation of management systems, policies and procedures encompassing customer requirements, local authority rules and regulations, industrial and other related standards.
• Promote quality achievement and performance improvement in the assigned areas of responsibility across BFS Ground and Cargo.
• Participate in the assessment of subcontractors/ outsource partners.
• Assist other department managers and supervisors to analyze procedures and work instructions in view of developing new procedures or updating existing ones. • Ensure that the registration of new and existing procedures is done according to established processes. • Facilitate the Management System Certification program (ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001).
• Develop and conduct training for new entrants.
• Assist in developing and conducting the annual internal audit program.
• Report all non-compliance and non-conformance findings, observations and irregularities to superior. Report the same in the established BFS systems.
• Maintain and enhance the document management system.
• Support all external auditors during audits and inspections. Take responsibility to ensure registering and follow up with respect of all findings, observations and recommendations are registered in the QMS, SMS and other systems.
• Supervise and support other employees engaged in Safety and Quality Assurance functions.
• Contribute to and assist the Managers and Director to integrate SMS and QMS and all related functions and Activities

• Male or Female
• Age 24 Years old up
• Bachelor’s degree in related field.
• Experienced  Minimum 2 years experience in quality and system compliance audit in airport ground services, air cargo, logistics or related field.
• Proficiency in Microsoft Office
•  Good Ability to communicate verbally and written form in Thai & English

All opening positions are available for THAI citizen only.

To those selected candidates we offer permanent job with attractive benefits and salaries that commensurate with work experience and salaries.

Interested applicants are invited to apply in person or send applications with full resume, transcript, TOEIC score (if any) and recent photo to:

Bangkok Flight Services
Human Resources Department (Recruitment) 777 Moo 1, Nong Prue, Bang Phli, Samut Prakan 10540, Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 2131 5038 thru 5040
Fax: +66 (0) 2131 5077, +66 (0) 2131 5099
Email:[email protected]


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