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Consignment Security Declaration (CSD)

The Civil Aviation Board Regulation No.93, Section 2 establishes the requirement to ensure that cargo and mail that have been confirmed and accounted for are then issued with a security status, either in electronic format or in writing, to accompany the cargo and mail throughout the secure supply chain. The aircraft operator and regulated agents are responsible for issuing the consignment security declaration (CSD). BFS must immediately begin issuing a security status by either in electronic form (e-CSD) or in paper form (CSD).

Paper e-CSD procedure

Freight Forwarders should ask their Airline for their own Airline CSD form, however, if the Airlines do not have their own CSD form, you can follow below procedures to obtain a BFS CSD form. You can download a blank BFS Cargo CSD form below link (2 CSD Form in 1 A4 page). This form MUST be used for those airlines that do not provide their own CSD form & procedures. This form is for Agents to obtain, complete, and submit this CSD form during Export Cargo acceptance.

You can download a blank Cargo CSD form below links.

Download TH/RA3/00005-01 by clicking the icon below.


Download CAAT-RA-002/2562 by clicking the icon below.


  1. ONLY CSD form with BFS logo will be accepted, not allowed to add or stamp any other company’s logo on page.
  2. Freight forwarder agents print the CSD form from BFS web link above.
  3. Freight forwarder agents fill in the CSD form in box no. b, c, Origin, Destination, Transfer/Transit point (if known) and v. (if any exemption) highlighted in yellow.
  4. Freight forwarder agents attach approved completed BFS CSD form with the copy of draft Air waybill and present to BFS Acceptance staff on duty at Acceptance process.
  5. ASM screeners screen the cargo by verifying the content of consignment with the commodity on the Air Waybill.
  6. ASM screeners fill in the CSD form in the boxes indicated on as per the example of CSD blank form.
  7. ASM screeners sign-off on the CSD form once screening is completed.
  8. ASM screeners will send the completed CSD form to BFS Document Export office to be attached with Air Waybill.
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